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Privacy Policy
Guidelines for Handling Personal Information.
Guidelines for Handling Personal Information
In order to actively protect members’ privacy and personal information and secure the freedom of communications in the information-oriented society, KYEONGIN TECH Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KYEONGIN TECH”) complies with the Guidelines for Handling Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as "Guidelines”) as stipulated below: KYEONGIN TECH’s Guidelines may be subject to change depending on the modification in both the related Act and subordinate and government guidance and KYEONGIN TECH’s internal policy. We would therefore recommend that you frequently check for any changes in the contents.

1 Method and Scope of Personal Information Collection
For the usage of services, KYEONGIN TECH requires members to enter personal information when subscribing. The basic required information for membership includes name, residential registration number, business registration numbers, gender, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address and contract number. In addition, for KYEONGIN TECH to providing better services, the optional information may include occupation, hobby, monthly income, and so forth. KYEONGIN TECH may collect records of service usage, logs, cookies, IP information, payments and so forth in the process of the usage of services and its procedures through the website. For members using specific services, we may require additional information. In this case, we shall not use such information for purposes other than the usage of such services and the stated purposes.

2. Purpose and Usage of Personal Information Collection
The purpose of collecting personal information by KYEONGIN TECH is to provide high-quality information and customized services necessary for individual preferences and needs. Depending on the provision of services, KYEONGIN TECH may convey advertising information with the consent of members. Based on personal information on members, KYEONGIN TECH selectively presents valuable promotional information that acts as more valuable information. KYEONGIN TECH shall not provide any clients of either individuals or groups with personal information on members when posting and sending advertisements for other specific groups by gender, age, and so forth.

3. Sharing and Provision of Personal Information
KYEONGIN TECH shall, in principle, not provide personal information on members to third parties. However, this shall not apply where members agree to disclose and/or provide personal information, or there is any request from the relevant government agency for legal measures and legitimate procedures resulting from actions, such as violating the Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms”) or doing damage to others by such members.

4. Commission of Personal Information Processing
In order to provide better services, KYEONGIN TECH may commission personal information processing by the following agency. In addition, for securing personal information when commissioning such information, KYEONGIN TECH explicitly stipulates the observance of related regulations of personal information protection, the prohibition of providing personal information to any third party, the burdening of responsibility for damages caused by accidents, etc.

5. Access, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
Members may access or correct their personal information at any time, and request any deletion of personal information through the withdrawal of membership. Any member can access, correct and delete his or her personal information by clicking on "My Personal Management" of the website.

6. Period for Retaining and Using Personal Information
KYEONGIN TECH shall continue to retain and use personal information provided by a member for provision of services. In principle, KYEONGIN TECH shall destroy personal information without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been served. Provided that personal information falls under any of the following, KYEONGIN TECH shall retain such information for the stated period:
(1) Grounds for retaining information under KYEONGIN TECH’s internal Guidelines Even in the event of cancelling membership, KYEONGIN TECH may retain the following information to smoothly provide services and prevent wrongful usage of services: 1) Name, residential registration number (passport number/foreign registration number), email address, telephone number
- Purpose of retention: preventing the confused usage of services, resolving disputes and offering cooperation on request from the investigative authorities.
- Period of retention: one year
2) Records of unfair and wrongful usage (including personal information on unfair and wrongful users)
- Purpose of retention: preventing unfair and wrongful usage of services and the re-registration of membership by such unfair and wrongful users
- Period of retention: one year
(2) Grounds for retaining personal information under relevant statutes Where it is deemed necessary to retain personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Commerce Act, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. and other relevant statutes, KYEONGIN TECH shall retain such information for a certain period as stated in the relevant statutes. In this case, KYEONGIN TECH is entitled to retain such information for any purpose other than the intended one, and the period of retention shall be as follows:
1) Records concerning withdrawal of contract or membership, etc.
- Purpose of retention: the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
- Period of retention : five years
2) Records concerning payments and provision of goods, etc.
- Purpose of retention: the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
- Period of retention : five years
3) Records concerning consumers’ complaints and resolving disputes
- Purpose of retention: the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
- Period of retention : three years
4) Records concerning logs
- Purpose of retention: the Protection of Communications Secrets Act
- Period of retention: three months

7. Destruction Process of Personal Information
Any information provided by members for membership subscription shall be stored for a certain period and then destroyed as stated in the grounds for personal information protection (refer to the Period for Retaining and Using Personal Information) in accordance with KYEONGIN TECH’s internal Guidelines and other relevant statutes. Personal information printed on paper is either shredded through a shredder or destroy by incineration and personal information stored in an electronic fire format is deleted using a technique that cannot be electronically reproduced.

8. Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices
KYEONGIN TECH uses cookies that function to frequently store and locate information on members in order to separately provide members with specified services. Cookies are tiny text files that the server uses to operate KYEONGIN TECH’s website and sends to a user’s browser and are stored on such user’s computer hard disk. While cookies can be identifiable for a user’s computer, they have no function to identify individual users. .
(1) Purpose of cookies, etc..
KYEONGIN TECH shall use cookies for the following purposes:.
- Providing target marketing and individually tailored services by analyzing the access frequency and visiting hours of members and non-members and others, figuring out company’s favorites and interesting sectors, tracking the traces of logs, and monitoring the frequency of participating in various events and the frequency of visits. .
(2) How to reject cookie settings.
Members have the option to install cookies, so they can allow all cookies by opting to do so via the web-browser, request to confirm whenever a cookie is stored, or refuse all cookie installation. .
Example of installation: (in the case of Internet Explorer) Select Tools on upper part of web browser > Internet Options > Personal Information .
However, to connect with NKK’s website, members are required to allow cookies. Any refusal of such installation could make it difficult for members to use KYEONGIN TECH’s services that require them to log-in.

9. Personal Information Protection Officer
To protect personal information of users and manage personal information-related complaints, KYEONGIN TECH may appoint an officer responsible for personal information protection as follows:.
- Personal information protection officer.
Name: Mn Nan-hong.
Phone No.: 1566-5653.
E-mail: theKYEONGIN
Members can report to an officer any complaints related to personal information protection arising from the use of KYEONGIN TECH’s services. KYEONGIN TECH will promptly respond to such complaints from members and do its best to provide a satisfactory answer.

10. Rights and Obligations of Members and Legal Representatives
Any member or his or her legal representative can either access and correct his/her own personal information or such information on children under 14 years old, and cancel membership. To directly access and correct personal information of members or children under 14 years old, members can click on ‘Personal Information Modification’ (or ‘Membership Information Correction,’ etc.). To cancel membership (withdrawal of agreement), members can click on ‘Membership Withdrawal.’ After confirming personal identity, members can directly access and correct such information, or cancel membership. If you contact the officer responsible for protection of personal information via letter, telephone or email, KYEONGIN TECH will respond without delay. KYEONGIN TECH agrees to handle requests for the cancellation or deletion of personal information at the request of any member or legal deputy as prescribed in ‘the Period for Retaining and Using Personal Information’ to avoid purposes other than the intended access or usage.

11. Countermeasures for Personal Information Protection
When handling personal information at the request of members’ regarding own passwords, etc., KYEONGIN TECH makes every effort to confirm personal identity and safely manage such information through methods as best as possible. KYEONGIN TECH appoints a person who performs the tasks of personal information management, including a personal information protection officer, and a person who inevitably handles personal information for other duties in terms of the access to personal information. KYEONGIN TECH always places importance on the observance of the Guidelines by providing training for employees who handle members' personal information. Aside from KYEONGIN TECH’s efforts as aforementioned, members should take special care not to disclose or leak their ID, password, residential registration number and other personal information on the Internet. KYEONGIN TECH shall not take responsibility for the leakage of ID, password and other personal information due to members’ own negligence or poor management. Accordingly, a member should be sure to use his/her own ID and password and frequently change the password. It is recommended to use a password with a mixture of alphabet and numbers that cannot easily be recognized. In addition, it would be advisable to log-off every time and close the web browser after using KYEONGIN TECH services. Particularly, in the case of sharing a computer with others or using the Internet in public places, it is more crucial to comply with the procedures as mentioned, for protecting personal information. Please bear in mind that any personal information voluntarily provided by any member through chatting, bulletin board, email, and so forth, can be misused by other persons without their consent. Since members are required to secure a log-in password, they should not disclose their own personal information in a public space to others as well. Moreover, members should be careful not to disclose personal information, keeping it in mind that others might see the screen on the computer while the member is using services in a PC room, public places, or other crowded places.

12. Report on Personal Information and Dispute Settlement
If you need any reporting or consultation regarding personal information infringement, please contact the personal information infringement reporting center of the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). Furthermore, if you suffer any financial/psychological damages from personal information infringement, you can apply for remedial compensation to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee. Useful contact details: Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center (, Tel: 1336) Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (, Tel: 1336) ePrivacy Mark Certification Committee (, Tel: 02-580-0533) Internet Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (, Tel: 02-3480-3600) Cyber Terror Response Center, Korean National Policy Agency (, Tel: 02-392-0330) Korean National Policy Agency ( Enforcement Date: May 1, 2018